SAFA Was Conceived on the Feast of St. Anthony, Patron of San Antonio

SAFA was conceived on the feast of St. Anthony, patron of San Antonio and birthed on the feast of Ven. Antonio Margil, patron & apostle of Texas.

On August 6, 1836, Pope Gregory XVI proclaimed Fr. Antonio Margil as the apostle & patron of Texas.

Texans will recognize and rejoice in the brilliance of The Church as 1836 is when Texas won its independence. And August 6th is the human death anniversary of Fr. Anthony Margil.

Fr. Antonio Margil was known for walking barefoot across Mexico, Texas and Louisiana. In the San Antonio area, he walked between warring tribes of Native American Indians holding a crucifix high and bringing those Indigenous Peoples’ to peace, teaching them to farm and feed themselves more efficiently and teaching them about Jesus. He established a college and missions in Mexico, and missions in Texas and Louisiana. The most famous of the missions is Mission San Jose, San Antonio Missions National Park in San Antonio, TX known as the queen of the missions.

Margil preceded St. Junipero Serra who later on established numerous missions in California.

Margil has been declared venerable or a servant of God based on his life of heroic virtue. His cause for canonization has been ongoing for over 200 years.

He is a patron of the San Antonio Family Association.

Celebrate 11th Anniversary of SAFA & the life of Fr. Anthony Margil

Antonio Margil de Jesús (1657–1726)

Celebrate 11th Anniversary of SAFA and Fr. Anthony Margil’s Life