CoSA Prepares to Use Tax Revenue to Promote Abortion and Progressivism

In the Intergovernmental Affairs Committee meeting this Monday, October 17, 2022, another progressive step forward was made to advance the killing of babies, gun control, non-reliable energy sources and government expansion.

•Abortion disguised as “reproductive health services” for the “health and safety of women and children” against natural development of humans
•Gun Control despite increased violence and lack of prosecution against legitimate defense
•New Green Deal “Paris Climate Accord” efforts to grow unreliable “renewable energy” despite its failure to provide heat in the February Freeze 2021 aka Winter Storm “Uri”
•Medicaid expansion increases government-controlled healthcare despite the existence of the federal Affordable Healthcare Act and intrusion in peoples’ lives

Will illegal aliens be included in the City’s attempt to expand?

Your City government is working against Texas and Texans with your tax dollars.

On August 2nd, the SA Mayor & Council voted 9-2 to adopt an “Abortion Rights” Resolution creating a path for the City to use taxpayer dollars to promote elective abortion as part of the City’s Legislative Agenda. The City can then hire professional lobbyists with tax revenue to push its agenda that doesn’t necessarily reflect San Antonio values.

In this case, the City is preparing to adopt a radically progressive Legislative Agenda that we residents will get to pay for. City Manager explicitly said the passage of the Abortion Resolution would not allow the City to use tax revenue to promote elective abortion which rapes women and kills children.

How does abortion promotion cooperate with the City’s Compassionate Charter Resolution (2017)???

All politics is local. San Antonians must stand up against immorality and unnatural policy.

What will you do to help stop this promotion of evil by the CoSA with your tax dollars???