Depravity Proud

Under Mayor Ron Nirenberg and 9 ultra progressive Councilmen, the City of San Antonio openly brave as being DEPRAVITY PROUD through a 100 score by the disordered Human Rights Campaign.

There’s nothing to have “PRIDE” in condoning and promoting addiction, depravity, disorder, and destruction of humans. 

Despite Nirenberg’s campaign motto of the “City you deserve”,

San Antonians deserve better. San Antonio deserves better.

This is not only an abuse of tax dollars, but also will lead to the long term domestic failure of our city.

In the meantime, since Nirenberg’s focus is not on the primary purposes of city business, public safety, security, reliable energy, clean water, and safe streets, but of socialistic progressivism, residents and business owners will suffer crime, power outages, indirect taxes of pot hole damages to vehicles, and huge government growth that will impede our liberty.

 Voters need to remember these facts come the City Election in May 2023.