SA Mayor Openly Favors ppSouthTexas

Favoritism On Display: Mayor Ron Nirenberg openly meets with Planned Parenthood South Texas new Chief Execution Officer after passing the City’s ElectiveAbortion Resolution on Aug. 2nd and the City’s Legislative Agenda that promotes abortion, homosexuality, religious discrimination, “green” energy, and gun control. 

In 2014-2015, then Councilman District 8, Ron Nirenberg covertly worked with ppSouthTexas, Mayor Julian Castro, City Manager Sheryl Sculley, Development Services Department City of San Antonio Director Rod Sanchez to break five (5) zoning laws to help ppST move illegally into its new killing building at 2140 Babcock Rd. 

Ron Nirenberg has received more campaign contributions by ppSouthTexas’ biggest supporters than any other city elected official.

Now he’s openly meeting with mercenaries who take money to harm women, kill children, and destroy families that now profits also from transgender procedures.