Transgressive: San Antonio Public Library Promotes Unnatural Sexual Organ Mutilation

Promotes “Transitioning” with St. Mary’s University School of Law

Transgressive: San Antonio Public Library promotes unnatural sexual organ mutilation with Saint Mary’s University of San Antonio Law School on “transitioning”.

This is an abuse of tax dollars, and also this promotes a lie. After all the “gender affirmation” and sexual organ mutilation, the person will still be as God made them, male or female.

There is no right to abuse or harm oneself and it’s criminal to coerce or even convince someone that “transitioning” is health for them.

StMU Law School should be ashamed as it defies The Catholic Church Teaching as it still claims to be a “Catholic University”.

When will Archbishop Gustavo Garcia-Siller of the Archdiocese of San Antonio speak up on these illicit and immoral activities by a “Catholic” institution.

This ideology harms individuals and will lead to long term domestic failure.