Public Safety: The Far Left Trying to Create Mayhem and Lawlessness in San Antonio

Public Safety: The far left ideological crazies are trying to create mayhem and lawlessness in San Antonio.

ACT4SA, Texas Organizing Project (TOPS), and Ground Game Texas are hell bent on decriminalizing abortion, marijuana, and just about any misdemeanor crime of $750 or less.

The reality is:

•Crime will escalate.
•Public safety undermined.
•Unsafe for families.
•Costs to businesses will rise.
•Increased costs passed on to consumers.
•Quality of Life diminished.

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#JusticePolicy is an unjust, decriminalization, NO ACCOUNTABILITY, Get Out Of Jail Free idea to fundamentally transform Sam Antonio.

•Register to vote.
•Take your family & friends to VOTE NO.


Mayor Nirenberg Seeks to Control the Debate on the Justice Charter

It has been confirmed that San Antonio Mayor Ron Nirenberg and City Manager Erik Walsh have placed a gag order on the SA City Council regarding any discussion about the proposed Justice Charter. The Justice Charter is a leftist, anti-police proposal that will limit police actions and favor criminals.

San Antonio has the worst crime and violence in decades, plus police officers are leaving the profession because of the lack of support from city officials, the lies by leftist organizations, and criticism by the local liberal news media. What is the mayor afraid of that he places a gag order on public officials?

Does this gag order prevent elected city officials and public servants from speaking against the Justice Charter if they disagree with it? Does this mean they cannot talk to their constituents about it?

Also, Does this mean the SA Police Chief William McManus cannot talk about the negative effect the Justice Charter could or will have on the police department and public safety?

What is the fear in elected and appointed public officials discussing a possible ordinance with their constituents?

This shows Mayor Nirenberg is a tyrant who wants to control information so he can control the people. Nirenberg must be removed as mayor in the next election in May.

Wake up, San Antonio. How much more crime and violence must you endure? Why is San Antonio’s Mayor so interested in stifling free speech and information about a proposed city charter amendment that will impact public safety?