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Marriage Rally

Marriage Rally - 6-19-2014 - During

SAFA – Marriage Rally – San Pedro & Loop 410 – 9-5-2014 – 1st Anniv of unjust NDO revisions

Join the San Antonio Family Association to advocate and share publicly the universal truth and validation of natural marriage and family as the building blocks of society and the foundation of civilization.


Marriage Rally – sharing that natural marriage is still the bedrock of society, one year since the passage of the unjust, anti-marriage “NDO” revisions


Friday, September 5, 2014


5:00pm; Rally from 5:15 to 6:00pm


Intersection of San Pedro Ave, and Loop 410

Park in the SW Corner of the San Pedro Crossing shopping center parking lot (located at the NE Corner of the San Pedro Ave. & Loop 410 Intersection) where we will gather at 5 pm, pray and then walk the grass-worn path to the intersection to begin the Rally at 5:15 pm.

Mission: to advocate and share publicly the universal truth and validation of natural marriage and family as the building blocks of society and the foundation of civilization. (sharing the importance of marriage on the 1st anniversary of the passage of the unjust,anti-marriage revisions to the “NDO” on Sept. 5, 2013 by the San Antonio City Council)

Married Couples and Marriage Supporters join us to promote the importance of Marriage to have long-term domestic prosperity!

BRING YOUR “Truth in Charity” message SIGNS!

(Signs should be 2’x2’ or larger)

Examples of Signs to bring

Honk for Marriage | God’s Marriage = 1 Man + 1 Woman

Male and Female He created them | Adam and Eve: Our First Parents

Children Deserve a Father and Mother | Children have a RIGHT to a Mother & Father

Marriage and Family = the foundation of society | Prosperity = Mother + Father = Children

It Takes a Family to Raise a Village

Life Chain Press Release


SAFA is taking over the Life Chain. It occurs in October each year. The date for this year is Sunday, October 5th.

Would you be able to help? SAFA needs someone to be the Chairperson of the event. Would you please consider and let me know?

Event needs:

  • Chairperson – to oversee and coordinate
  • Sub-Committee Chairs
  • Public Awareness/Relations Chair – to contact the media and coordinate pictures, videos, etc. and social media
  • Sign Distribution – in charge of distribution of all of the signs prior to and day of event and re-collection of signs
  • Ecumenical – to coordinate with all church communities
  • Diaper Collection – promote the diaper drive, collect, select Crisis Pregnancy Centers, and distribute
  • San Pedro Ave Logistics – planning and setting where communities stand along San Pedro Ave.
  • Memorial – taking pictures and videos of participants, etc. and posting to social media
  • Crisis Pregnancy Center Coordinator – gain each CPC in SA
  • “PP” Prayer Team – find and gain commitments of people who will commit to spending one designated hour each week on the sidewalk in front of “pp” – looking to fill up Friday’s, Thursday’s and Tuesday’s currently but want three people committed to each hour that “pp” is open for business
  • Mobile Ultrasound Team – being collecting $108k to fund the next ultrasound unit and the mobile vehicle needed in SA

If I missed something please let me know. If you know someone who will help, let me know please.

We want to collect lots of diapers to support the CPC’s, especially the two Catholic CPCs, Allied and A Woman’s Haven.

Thank you for your consideration and work in advance! Let’s begin again the stopping of all abortions in Bexar County.