TEA Acting To Expose Texas Children to Bad Materials

– Nov. 16, 2021

Parents & Taxpayers Beware:The Texas Education Agency (TEA) is attempting to push through inappropriate textbooks. Consider acting to protect children from unacceptable textbooks.

ACTION ALERT is attached below with some excerpts from the proposed K-12 Health Textbooks. Please share it with your friends.

The State Board of Education will take testimony Tuesday, Nov. 16 with a final vote on Friday, Nov. 19.

Sign up to give Public Testimony by 5 pm on Fri., Nov. 12 to testify. Each of the Health books have INAPPROPRIATE CONTENT, such as:

•Non-compliance with Texas law concerning abstinence education;
•Destroys children’s innocence;
•Usurps parental rights and undermines parental authority;
•Refers students to a “trusted adult” numerous times – INSTEAD OF PARENTS;
•Refers students to ‘Planned Parenthood’ and the ACLU;
•Encourages children to search for mental health care;
•Requires intrusive surveys;
•Discussion of inappropriate topics;
•Asks children which of three options they would choose if pregnant – including abortion.
•Requires terms for 11 to 13-year-olds to learn include sexual orientation, intersex, gender, gender nonbinary, gender expression, gender role, gender identity, cisgender, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and masturbation.

For more info, contact Texas Family at info@TexasFamily.us and SAFA Texas Family will plug you in with Anne.


– Inappropriate Health Textbooks Being Proposed That Are Appalling Review, contemplate and consider ACTING NOW!

State Board of Education (SBOE) votes the week of Nov 16thTextbooks, also called Instructional Material (IMs), are required to be “suitable for the subject and grade level for which the instructional material was submitted.” The State Board of Education cannot order publishers to delete or change content. They are definitely not suitable. Testimony is on November 16th. Vote is on Nov. 19.

Below are some examples:

Publisher: LessonBee – Grades 7 and 8 “Uses for the Reproductive System”
Eva discussing Dylan with friends on social media: “So, Dylan and I made it to second base!” “Eva, making out is first base. You know that, right?” “Della, chill. No need to be so judgy!” “Haha soooo, after making out things heated up and we took some of our clothes off. We were touching each other and it was so hot!” Eva discussing with her friends Tiff and Della: “We’d never done that before and were just touching each other and then all of the sudden he cummed on me! Like right by my vagina!” Della: “It happens sometimes. He was turned on and he ejaculated on you, I guess. It just happened.” Eva: “Ejaculated?” Tiff: “Nerd alert! But yeah, Della’s right. Cum is also called ejaculate.”

“A Guide To: Getting Over the Bump” A pamphlet listing options for students who think they might bepregnant with a text number for ‘Planned Parenthood’ and a link to Jane’s Due Process, which helps minors get a “judicial bypass” to circumvent parents to procure an abortion.
“Option 3: Terminate Pregnancy”
“If you think abortion is right for you, it’s important to talk with a trusted adult or medical professional to evaluate your situation.”
Provides link about abortion “rights”: https://www.aclutx.org/en/know-your-rights/abortion-texas

“Caring for Your Body”“Benefits of exercise,” a series of clickable icons. The “Sexual Health” icon is a cartoon image of a condom and a condom wrapper. When clicked on, it says: “Regular exercise may lower the risk of erectile dysfunction (ED) in men. In women, exercise may increase sexual arousal.”

Publisher: Human Kinetics – Grades 6 to 8
• Students are asked to research the five types of families, one of which is a ‘same-sex family’
• A video tells students that adolescence is a time of change and includes decisions about whether to be sexually active.
• “The external female anatomy is called the vulva and consists of the mons pubis, labia majora, labia minora, and clitoris*, which is the responsive sexual organ and the equivalent of a male’s penis in regard to what happens to it when stimulated.” A full-color graphic shows female genitalia spread eagle, with each part* labeled.
• Terms with definitions that students are to learn are sexual orientation, intersex, gender, gender nonbinary, gender expression, gender role, gender identity, cisgender, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and masturbation.
• Sex is defined as the act of vaginal, anal or manual intercourse or oral stimulation.Publisher: Goodheart – Wilson – High School
• “Imagine that you have just tested positive for HIV. You also recently became involved in a new dating relationship with someone you really like. At what point do you share this personal information with your new dating partner? Working with another class member, take turns role-playing the conversation you would have with your new dating partner, using effective communication skills.” (p. 695)
• Teachers are told to let students set ground rules for discussing sensitive topics, such as “What is discussed in class stays in class.” (Fig. E-10, p. ie 28)- In other words, DON’T TELL PARENTSQuaver Ed – Grades K to 5
• Teachers are told to give bonus points “if students recognize that fetuses grow in the uterus and are only called babies once they are born!”
• Shows students discussing puberty on a playground.
• Students are asked whether being grounded for not doing chores is “healthy or unhealthy.”
• Tells students if they aren’t feeling well to check their symptoms on a trusted website.Review the textbooks/IMs and sign up to provide Public Testimony here: https://tea.texas.gov/…/proclamation-2022-pre-adoption…

ACTION: Request all State Board of Education members, especially these Republican members to reject the Health textbooks.

Will Hickman – will.hickman@tea.texas.gov
Audrey Young – audrey.young@tea.texas.gov
Keven Ellis – ellisSBOE@gmail.com
Tom Maynard – tom@maynardfortexas.com
Patricia Hardy – pat.hardy.1109@gmail.com
Pam Little – pam.little@tea.texas.gov
Sue Melton-Malone – smelton51@gmail.com
Jay Johnson – jay.johnson@tea.texas.gov

It would be good to also contact the Commissioner of Education as well:
Mike Morath, Commissioner of Education (512) 463-8985 commissioner@tea.texas.gov——-

Review “Planned Parenthood” ‘safe sex’ resources that students might be referred to: https://www.plannedparenthood.org/…/how-do-i-make-sex…

Review the purposeful & outrageous attacks on parental authority by Jane’s Due Process at https://janesdueprocess.org/.

For more info or questions, contact SAFA Texas Family ATTN: Anne at info@TexasFamily.us.