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Justice Policy

Justice Charter



Prop A Breaks The 10 Commandments




The Unjust “Justice Policy” as Prop A on the May 6, 2023 CoSA Ballot = 431 words

“Shall the city charter be amended to include a justice policy under which the city of San Antonio will
“use its available resources and authority to accomplish three goals of paramount importance: first, to
reduce the city’s contribution to mass incarceration; second, to mitigate racially discriminatory law
enforcement practices; and third, to save scarce public resources for greater public needs” and to
“reduce unnecessary arrests and save scarce public resources through a comprehensive set of reforms”,
including: ending enforcement of low-level marijuana possession by prohibiting police officers from
issuing citations or make arrests for class a or class b misdemeanor possession of marijuana offenses,
except in limited circumstances; prohibiting the enforcement of abortion crimes to promote the
reproductive health, safety, and privacy of all city residents and stating that police officers shall not
investigate, make arrests, or otherwise enforce any alleged criminal abortion, except in limited
circumstances; banning no-knock warrants by stating that police officers shall not obtain a “no-knock”
search warrant, nor shall they participate in serving a ” no knock” search warrant with other law
enforcement agencies and creating additional policies concerning the issuing of warrants; banning
chokeholds with no exceptions; requiring police officers to issue citations instead of making arrests for
low-level nonviolent crimes defined as possession of controlled substance less than 4 oz, penalty group
2-a (synthetic cannabinoids), class a or b misdemeanor under Texas health and safety code §§
481.1161(b) (1) & (2), driving while license invalid, class a or b misdemeanor under Texas transportation
code § 521.457, theft of property less than $750, class b misdemeanor under Texas penal code §
31.03(e) (2) (a), theft of service less than $750, class b misdemeanor under Texas penal code § 31.04(e)
(2), contraband in a correctional facility, class b misdemeanor under Texas penal code § 38.114(c),
graffiti, with damage less than $2500, class a or b misdemeanor under Texas penal code § 28.08(b) (2) &
(3), criminal mischief with damage less than $750, class b misdemeanor under Texas penal code §
28.03(b) (2), and all class c misdemeanors, except class c public intoxication, which shall be addressed in
accordance with Texas code of criminal procedure section 14.031; and requiring the San Antonio city
council to appoint and provide resources to a justice director, with no previous experience in law
enforcement, who will be charged with fulfilling the justice policy by providing a justice impact
statement before any city council vote affecting the justice policy and meeting quarterly with
community stakeholders to discuss the development of policies, procedures and practices related to the
justice policy in open meetings?”

This unjust “Justice Policy” is a CRIMINAL BENEFIT ACT and will:

  • DE-criminalize the arrest of individuals for the crimes of misdemeanor theft of products, money, and service; criminal mischief (destruction of property & graffiti), driving while license is suspended, possession of controlled substance(s) penalty group (mind altering drugs like marijuana) (2-A), possession of (drugs/weapons) contraband in jail. Section 180(a)
  • Grant Criminals a VERBAL WARNING instead of being arrested against the commission of misdemeanor crimes in lieu of being arrested. Section 180(a)
  • Prevent/hinder search warrants for evidence of criminal activity especially for SWAT action. Sec. 178
  • Allow criminals to present false identification to avoid prosecution. Section 180(b)
  • Hinder the prosecution of misdemeanor crimes by the District Attorney. Section 180(b)
  • Create Crime Districts in SA City limits and a new city position for a “Justice Director” czar.
  • Divert Public Safety Funding to private and non-profit organizations, thereby defunds public (safety) services. Sec. 174 & 175
  • Legalize certain State Criminal Offenses like ABORTION and criminalize local law enforcement’s investigation of such crimes in SA. Sec. 176 & 177
  • Increase insurance costs city wide. Section 180(a)

    The “Justice Policy” will victimize the law-abiding residents of San Antonio to be ripped off while unethically and immorally benefiting criminals and condoning criminal conduct.

The City should not COMPLY with CRIMINALS.

VOTE NO TO PROP A – the unjust “JUSTICE POLICY” – ON MAY 6, 2023.

CoSA Municipal ballot measure actual wording on ballot


Legal Action against “Justice Policy”:

March 17

SCOTX Justices deliver bad ruling for San Antonians and fail to uphold the black letter law thus allowing the unjust “SA Justice Policy” to stay on the San Antonio May 6th municipal ballot as a Special Election Charter Amendment.

SCOTX Majority ruling acknowledged late decision by CoSA but allows it to be on ballot anyway

SCOTX Minority opinion issued by Justices Young, Devine, Blacklock agrees with SAFA’s Brief

The Majority made very clear that the Supreme Court has never stopped a political process by injunction/mandamus, and it would not start now. They played politics over the law.

The Minority made clear in its dissent that it agrees with allowing even a flawed election to proceed and would not stop the election EXCEPT when there is no valid election because the order for the election was late. They acknowledged SAFA’s Brief was correct.


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