Justice Policy


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This unjust “Justice Policy” will:

  • DE-criminalize the arrest of individuals for the crimes of misdemeanor theft of products, money, and service; criminal mischief (destruction of property & graffiti), driving while license is suspended, possession of controlled substance(s) penalty group (mind altering drugs like marijuana) (2-A), possession of (drugs/weapons) contraband in jail. Section 180(a)
  • Grant Criminals a VERBAL WARNING instead of being arrested against the commission of misdemeanor crimes in lieu of being arrested. Section 180(a)
  • Prevent/hinder search warrants for evidence of criminal activity especially for SWAT action. Sec. 178
  • Allow criminals to present false identification to avoid prosecution. Section 180(b)
  • Hinder the prosecution of misdemeanor crimes by the District Attorney. Section 180(b)
  • Create Crime Districts in SA City limits and a new city position for a “Justice Director” czar.
  • Divert Public Safety Funding to private and non-profit organizations, thereby defunds public (safety) services. Sec. 174 & 175
  • Legalize certain State Criminal Offenses like ABORTION and criminalize local law enforcement’s investigation of such crimes in SA. Sec. 176 & 177
  • Increase insurance costs city wide. Section 180(a)

    The “Justice Policy” will victimize the law-abiding residents of San Antonio to be ripped off while unethically and immorally benefiting criminals and condoning criminal conduct.

The City should not COMPLY with CRIMINALS.

VOTE NO TO PROP A – the unjust “JUSTICE POLICY” – ON MAY 6, 2023.