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Parents Beware: SexEd permission forms sent out to your children

CONSIDER: DO NOT “OPT IN” your child but protect them by keeping them out of the radical, age inappropriate & graphic, “Draw The Line/Respect The Line” Sex Education curriculum created by ‘Planned Parenthood’ Elective

Northeast Independent school District Middle School students were sent home with the Parental Permission slips. Consider: DO NOT “OPT IN”.

Abortion Business sister organization, ETR, out of California.

The permission forms were due last week however you have the right to change your mind and remove your child from the bad, promiscuity & perversion promoting curriculum.

Use the blank form attached here to remove, “OPT OUT” your child and protect them.

The curriculum is very bad for 6th Graders and gets progressively worse for 7th Graders and 8th Graders.

SAFA has completed extensive research and released it since January 2016 before the NEISD Board passed it on May 9, 2016. The Board nor the Superintendent read the curriculum before they voted on it and passed it. They verbally admitted to this at that time.

We found out what it was about before they voted on it. Every time we asked if this lesson would be taught, the answer was, “oh no, that one won’t be included…”. We didn’t believe them then and, now it’s been almost 6 years, and we don’t believe them now.

Don’t risk your child’s innocence and purity on their agenda.

The curriculum motto is “Experiment, Have Fun, Be Safe.” It grooms the student and promotes anal, oral & vaginal sex. Until this Board of Trustees removes this terrible curriculum and the high school “Big Decisions”, the NEISD Superintendent and the Board remain untrustworthy.


On May 9th, NEISD School Board unanimously approved to change the sex education program from a Risk Avoidance curriculum to an “Evidenced-Based” Risk Reduction curriculum.

Basically that means that the curriculum changed from “Just Say No To Sex” to “If you choose to have sex now make sure you have ‘safe’ sex” disordered ideology. Moreover, one of the lessons is all about the do’s and don’ts of opening and putting the condom on correctly and another is about making sure the 12-13 year old uses a condom during the party he/she is throwing at his/her house when his/her parents are gone and having sexual intercourse on their parents’ bed.


We need your help to spread the word on these FREE Parent Education Seminars to inform parents about this inferior program.

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Will NEISD show and teach everything listed?

Draw the Line Respect the Line enhanced kit

Sex Ed Presentation

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