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SA Proposition Education

Election: SA Proposition Education

Voter Resource & Education on #PropA Charter #Referendum

Proposition A-B-C Summary Explanation:

Prop A – will bring the SA Referendum back in line with other Home Rule Cities like Austin & Houston, Texas’ State Statute for General Law (Non-Home Rule) Cities and even the Referendum initiative language from 1951-1996.

Prop B – will restrict the Council’s responsibility to approve or disapprove of the City Manager and the respective contract for that selected person.

Prop C – will force both sides, the City and the Fire Dept., to come to the table and make a reasonable contract agreement that will usually involve both sides getting some of what they want and some of what they don’t want but should ultimately save tax payers money (depending on who has been elected to Council). Consider to #GoVoteYes on Propositions A & C.

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Family Values Voter Guide - SA Prop A Peer City Comparison - condensed - Nov 6, 2018 - SAFA

SA Prop A Peer City Referendum Comparison



Election Nov 6: Vote YES on the Propositions



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SA Proposition Education