San Antonio Family Association

Seeking SAFA Charity Dove Hunt Title Sponsor of the Charity Dove Hunt the “Bishop John W. Yanta Memorial”

Bishop Yanta loved our focus to create a relaxed, wholesome, outdoor, fraternal experience for Priests and Seminarians with Catholic laity. And he attended every year his health would allow

Support & Register NOW for Dove Hunt
Opening Day-September 1
Labor Day – September 5



We have immediate hard expenses to pay or SAFA will be hobbled and less effective in its mission to protect life, defend liberty & marriage, promote family & legitimate defense for our children, children’s children and state’s domestic prosperity.

Expenses include:

  • communication tools, existing and new & improved ($8,000)
  • social media, especially website exhancement ($14,000)
  • public square equipment ($2,600)


  • part-time staffer ($36,000)
  • new project for helping women in crisis ($113,000)
  • new project for holding the City of San Antonio accountable for equality ($18,000)
  • Charter Amendment Resolutions on ballet for 2023 ($100,000)
  • Family center building fund ($3,000,000)

If you have benefited from or simply appreciate the good work of the San Antonio Family
Association does nad has done on a daily basis since 2011, please prayerfully consider that you
can support us in our mission so we can be even more impactful which includes being a voice for voiceless and hard working Christian families in the City of San Antonio, Bexar County in the State of Texas.

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