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Protecting, defending, and promoting the family, the Building Block of Society

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Vote NO | Against this legislative agenda promoting the harming of women and the killing of children through abortion.  Stop the promotion of anti-Constitution progressivism and the Democrat Party agenda against the values of San Antonians, against families and that will destroy long-term domestic prosperity. 

Pass a Legislative Agenda that protects all human life, defends marriage between a man and a woman, and promotes the family that will lead to long-term domestic prosperity.  

Pass a Legislative Agenda that promotes: 

  • equality for all equally,
  • parental authority,
  • authentic justice,
  • supports law enforcement and all first responders, especially police officers,
  • good quality water,
  • reliable energy sources,
  • free markets,
  • meaningful property tax reductions,
  • home renovation deregulation,
  • healthcare access for all,
  • cooperation with state law, 
  • accountability to citizens,
  • historical marker respect, 
  • border security,
  • public safety, and
  • no taxpayer paid lobbyists.

SAFA needs your support, not only through prayer but financially to continue to educate on battling abortion and defending, protecting and promoting life.


Stop CoSA Abortion Resolution!

Urgent Message From SAFAPress Conference right after the vote outside of San Antonio City Council Chambers main entrance. 

Consider: Call to Action TODAY, Nov. 3, 2022

The City of San Antonio (CoSA) is preparing its Legislative Agenda to propose its progressive priorities, not San Antonio family values, with the City’s tax revenue.

Who? City Mayor and Councilmen, City Departments and Local Partners, like CPS Energy and SAWS and other entities that are heavily influenced by the CoSA, made the priorites

What? The City of San Antonio’s 88th State Legislative Program CLAIMS to represent San Antonio’s policy priorities and anticipated legislative opportunities to address the “needs of our residents”

When? CoSA Council A Session, Thursday, November 3, 2022 at 9:00 am

Where? City Council Chambers

Why? So the ultra-progressive Mayor and Council can advance the Democrat election agenda

How? After the passage of the City measures and resolutions like the Non-Discrimination Ordinance (2013), Removal of Historical Monuments (2015 and after), Paris Climate Accord (2017), Compassionate City Charter (2017), Gun Control measures (2018), Removal of Christian Owned Business from the Airport (2019), Climate Action & Adaptation Plan (CAAP) (2020), Edwards Aquifer Protection Removal and Workforce Solutions passage (2020), Local Government Mask and COVID Vaccine Mandates, Restrictions of Houses of Worship (2020-2021), Racism Is A Healthcare Crisis (2021), Abortion “Rights” Resolution (2022), City Officials and Staff feel they are in a safe position to promote their progressive, socialist agenda to the State Legislature by hiring paid lobbyists with your tax dollars.

The San Antonio City Council has been anti-police. Their anti-police attitude has created policies that limit legal police actions and favored criminals. This has hurt public safety, allowed San Antonio to experience high crime and violence, and negatively impacted Police Officer morale. They have created a hostile work environment for police officers which impacts their mental health and our public safety. 

City staff has stated in the Inter-Governmental Affairs Committee that they have kept the issues general so that when the Committee or Council decides exactly what they want to push legislatively, they will be able to without issue.

City stated agenda?

  • PROTECTION OF COMMUNITY INTERESTS: Local Governance, Municipal Utilities, Military City USA
  • ECONOMIC & COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT: Affordable Housing and Property Tax Relief, Economic Development, Workforce & Education
  • PUBLIC HEALTH & SAFETY: Healthcare & Nutrition
  • INFRASTRUCTURE & RESILIENCY: Digital Inclusion, Transportation

Issues really at stake? Taxpayer dollars being used to promote:

  • Abortion – unfettered taxpayer paid abortion access, including rape & incest exception in the Texas HLPA (2021)
  • Local Government Control, Intrusion, and Expansion against the Constitution, against the State
  • 2A attacks, Gun Control
  • Religious Discrimination to promote the Non-Discrimination Ordinance (NDO) forcing ideology on private businesses
  • Health Equity – Mental Health “Gender Transition”, Perversion Promotion; Child Sexualization, Mutilation
  • Parental Authority undermined
  • Gun Control
  • Unreliable “Green” Energy expansion that failed San Antonians in Feb. 2021
  • Multi-Modal Transportation, including Rail against individual vehicle usage
  • Social Justice – redistribution of wealth and unjust affirmative action
  • Housing – increasing the cost of home renovation and construction with expensive mandatory deconstruction rules
  • More Progressivism and Transgressivism


  • Go to to register your comment against the Council’s approval of the anti-SA, anti-life, anti-family, anti-longterm domestic prosperity Legislative Agenda (Item #27) CoSA Council A Session Meeting for Nov. 3rd before 8:45 AM.
    • (Agenda Item #27 will most likely be an individual item not part of the Consent Agenda. It will probably be discussed after 10:00 am but the Mayor can re-arrange basically on his progressive whim.)

  • Register to speak at the Council A Session, and attend/speak or give your time on Thurs., Nov. 3, 2022 at 9 am
  • Email, fax, call the Mayor and Councilmen (instructions attached)
  • Attend the SAFA Press Conference immediately following the vote on the issue in front of Council Chambers

CLICK HERE FOR THE CoSA 8-2-2022 agenda:




CoSA Mayor & Council 2022 – by name;;;;;;;;;;;

Other CoSA Admin Contacts to CC:;;;;;;;;;;

CoSA Mayor & Council 2022

District – Councilman – Phone Number

City – Mayor – 210.207.7107

District 1 – Mario Bravo – 210.207.7279                   District 2 – Jaleen McKee-Rodriguez – 210.207.7278

District 3 – Phyllis Viagran – 210.207.7064              District 4 – Adriana Rocha Garcia – 210.207.7281

District 5 – Teri Castillo – 210.207.7043                    District 6 – Melissa Cabello Havrda – 210.207.7065

District 7 – Ana Sandoval – 210.207.7044                District 8 – Manny Pelaez – 210.207.7086

District 9 – John Courage – 210.207.7325                District 10 – Clayton Perry – 210.207.7276


Email Note: request a delivery and read receipt with the following:

Pray then consider ACTION.

The Mayor and Council need to know your thoughts on this grotesque resolution to promote “abortion rights” that’ll be voted on this coming Tuesday, Aug. 2, 2022 at 1 pm.

Suggested Letter Content – sample letters below as well

Hello. I am requesting you to vote NO | AGAINST the proposed Item #27 Legislative Agenda.

Again, I’m respectfully asking you to vote against the proposed resolution “to support individual’s right to health care”. Elective Abortion is not healthcare. It hurts women and kills children in the womb.

Please enter my correspondence into the official City Record.

City, ST zip code


Consider CALLING and Faxing your email to:

Mayor Office 210.207.7107 Fax: (210) 207-7027 Mayor Ron Nirenberg

Jim Greenwood, COS
Bruce Davidson, COS
City Attorney Office
City Clerk Tina J. Flores Fax: 210.207.7032

Text from the CoSA Legislative Agenda Draft below.

The City of San Antonio’s 88th State Legislative Program represents San Antonio’s policy priorities and

anticipated legislative opportunities to address the needs of our residents, drawn from Council input, City

comprehensive plans, City Department recommendations, and local partner priorities.

Based on these policies, and the City Council’s on-going guidance, the Government Affairs Department and

its legislative consultants work with departments and our community partners to identify, analyze, and take

advocacy positions on legislation. With City Council approval of this Program, the Government Affairs

Department advocates on the City’s behalf to ensure the City has the necessary authority and resources to

successfully deliver quality services to our diverse, vibrant, and historic community.

The State of Texas is an integral partner to San Antonio as the City prepares for future growth and seeks to

expand economic development, affordable housing, sustainable infrastructure, health and safety, and

quality of life. The City of San Antonio’s Legislative Priorities listed below can only be accomplished in

collaboration and alignment with the Governor, Legislature, and State agencies.


The City of San Antonio – Military City USA – is home to 1.4 million people, who are served by a Mayor and

10 Council members elected to represent distinct single-member districts. The City Council is the level of

government closest to the people, and decisions made at the local level have produced the kind of

community where people want to live, work, and do business. The City’s overarching legislative priority is

to preserve the voice of the community and maintain a fiscally sound and well-managed organization to

allow for continued high quality services to our residents and local businesses.

Local Governance

Support legislation that would benefit the City and the continued ability of local elected officials – the level

of government closest to the people – to pass ordinances to meet the unique needs of the community.

Oppose legislation that would be detrimental to the City’s interests and results in the loss of revenue or

negatively impacts the authority to generate revenues, including mandates that increase costs to cities.

Oppose legislation that would erode municipal authority to enforce development-related regulations, such

as land use, permitting, and inspections, as well as legislation that interferes with our cost-recovery model.

Oppose legislation that is discriminatory and/or undermines the City’s Non-Discrimination Ordinance.

Propose legislation that gives the San Antonio Municipal Court the flexibility to electronically record and

preserve records, efficiencies enjoyed by many other municipal court systems in Texas, as codified in state


Municipal Utilities

Support legislation that protects the municipal utility model and opposes legislation with any negative

impact on municipally-owned CPS Energy and San Antonio Water System (SAWS).

Military City, U.S.A .

Support increased funding for the Defense Economic Adjustment Assistance Grant (DEAAG) and other

programs that add military value to missions in San Antonio and Texas.

Oppose legislation that threatens military missions, including legislation that undermines the City’s

ordinances that ensure that current and future development is compatible with Joint Base San Antonio



By 2040, San Antonio’s population is expected to increase by approximately 1 million people. We are

planning now to ensure that the City of San Antonio is prepared for growth in a way that is compatible with

the community’s vision. This vision includes a strong local economy, an educated and trained workforce,

and the availability of quality affordable housing.

San Antonio’s Strategic Housing Implementation Plan’s principles are affordability, quality, accessibility, and

choice. This can be supported at the legislature through property tax relief, innovative solutions, and

removing barriers to the development of affordable housing.

Affordable Housing and Property Tax Relief

Support legislation to provide meaningful property tax relief through increased state funding for public

education, which reduces the burden on local taxpayers, and tax policies that target those most in need.

Support legislation that empowers local governments to remove barriers to housing for low-income

families and increase the local affordable housing stock.

Economic Development

Support the continued viability of San Antonio to attract business and compete for major sporting events

and conventions that grow the local and state economy.

Support the continuation of local and state incentives to supplement local economic development

strategies to recruit and retain employers.

Support additional funding to the Texas Moving Image Industry Incentive Program (TMIIP) and the

protection of the current TMIIP Guidelines.

Workforce & Education

Support legislation that invests in educational and job placement programs to provide support for our

growing workforce to complement the City’s voter-approved workforce initiative, SA Ready to Work, to

include veterans and military spouses.

Support legislation that enhances an effective and sustainable education system from early childhood to

higher education.


San Antonio’s healthcare mission through the SA Forward Plan is to protect and improve the health of our

community so that all people thrive in healthy, safe, communities. The strategic priority areas are access to

care, nutrition and food insecurity, violence prevention, health equity and social justice, and mental health.

Healthcare & Nutrition

Support legislation that improves access to reproductive healthcare, provides supportive services for the

health and safety of mothers and children, and eliminates barriers to healthcare services for all San


Support Medicaid expansion to provide health insurance to low-income Texans.

Support additional funding for services and programs that provide food assistance, increase access to

nutritious foods, and promote food security.

Support improved state funding and access to comprehensive and timely mental health care in Texas.

Supports legislation that encourages responsible pet ownership and improves the health, safety and

welfare of our residents and pets.

Violence Prevention

Support responsible firearm safety policies and additional resources to help mitigate gun violence in our


Support efforts to prevent and eliminate domestic violence and enhance the protection of



 Expanding infrastructure is needed to create a sustainable and resilient future for San Antonio. The Digital

Equity Plan, SA Tomorrow Plan, and SA Climate Ready Plan, provide a framework to make smart, strategic

investments that acknowledge the need for broadband as a necessity in a rapidly changing society; create

transportation infrastructure that incorporates safety for pedestrians, bicyclists, and motorists; and

prepare for the impacts of climate change.

Digital Inclusion

Support legislation, in coordination with stakeholders, that ensures and funds infrastructure, connectivity

and affordability of broadband internet service for all San Antonians.


Support legislation to address the San Antonio region’s rapid population growth and reduce congestion;

and ensures a continued and fair allocation of state transportation funding.

Support legislation that would enhance pedestrian safety and continue to support safety initiatives, such

as Vision Zero.


Support legislation that provides for the development of resilient and sustainable utility and transportation

infrastructure to prepare our community against climate change and natural disasters.


The City of San Antonio coordinates with the following local partners in support of their legislative agendas

that enhance the health, safety and vitality of the community, provided it does not conflict with the City’s

own legislative agenda.

PARTNERSHIPS The City of San Antonio coordinates with the following local partners in support of their legislative agendas that enhance the health, safety and vitality of the community, provided it does not conflict with the City’s own legislative agenda.

o CPS Energy o San Antonio Water System o AACOG o Bexar County o Brooks o Local Chambers of Commerce o Local Institutions of Higher Education o Joint Base San Antonio o Local small businesses o Local major employers o Local nonprofit organizations o Port San Antonio o Local Independent School Districts o Opportunity Home SA o SA Digital Connects o San Antonio Food Bank o San Antonio Mobility Coalition o San Antonio River Authority o VIA o Visit SA

Re: Abortion Promotion

Sample Letters to use or glean from to write your own letter to the SA Mayor & Council

Good news: The Archbishop has replied to our request and written a statement.

Letter from archbishop to San Antonio City Council

June 28, 2022

I was dismayed to learn of the July 27 press conference on the steps of City Hall and the upcoming August 2 special City Council meeting to consider a resolution in support of “reproductive health care rights.”

According to media reports, the proposed resolution reads, “People have a basic human right to medical services and treatment, including abortion.” (My emphasis on the last two words.)

As the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops stated recently following Congressional passage of the deceptively named Women’s Health Protection Act, “Simply repeating the mantra that abortion is healthcare doesn’t make it so. Deliberately ending the lives of defenseless and voiceless human beings is the antithesis of healthcare.”

In late June, following the ruling from the U.S. Supreme Court in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization which overturned the Roe v. Wade decision, I stated, “At this crucial time, we must now commit as a nation to devoting additional resources and implementing policies that support mothers and fathers, children, and families. This includes everyone — the Church, elected leaders, and all people. No woman should ever feel alone; that she is trapped and that abortion is her only option. There has to be a vision put forth that is positive and life-affirming.”

My statement continued, “The Catholic Church has a long and proud history of providing this assistance through programs such as pregnancy shelters, food pantries, financial support, parenting classes, and myriad other services. Our parishes, Catholic Charities, Society of St. Vincent de Paul, and many other organizations and ministries stand ready to help to ensure better futures for these mothers and fathers and their babies. We know that this good work must grow and increase.”

Precisely at a moment when the Church should be collaborating more closely with city officials on ways to prioritize the well-being of all people with both material resources and personal accompaniment, the time and energy put forth by our elected officials and civic staffers on resolutions such as the one proposed fail to increase or provide the vital resources women need to care for themselves and their children.

As the U.S. bishops highlighted prior to the Dobbs decision, the Catholic Church has a long history of service to those who are most vulnerable and remains the largest private provider of social services in the country. The Church consistently bears witness in word and deed to the beauty and dignity of every human life. We have witnessed this first-hand with the Church’s caring and compassionate response to the horrific tragedy in Uvalde and the deaths of 53 migrants callously abandoned in a sweltering tractor trailer in south San Antonio.

I urge the City Council to reject the proposed resolution and join with people of good will and our faith communities to work to build a true culture of life in this wonderful city named for St. Anthony, a community which has had faith at its forefront since its establishment in 1718.

Sincerely in Christ,

Most Rev. Gustavo Garcia-Siller, MSpS

Archbishop of San Antonio


Statement by Pastors PAC Director to SA Mayor & Council considering Resolution to promote “abortion rights”

I am so disillusioned and disgusted with the San Antonio Mayor and City Council, on their stance in support of abortions. I worked to support and endorse some of these Council Members during their candidacies. I implore you to vote NO/AGAINST any resolution or ordinance that promotes abortion.

Whatever happened to sanctity of life? How can one be opposed to the perpetuation of human life? How can one support the murder of the most helpless and the most innocent of humanity, the one in the womb?

A few minutes and a simple reading of Holy Scriptures shows that God Almighty is concerned about the seed in the Earth. By the seed is how life is maintained on Planet Earth. The Holy Scriptures say that “as long as the Earth remain there will be seedtime and harvest.” The plant life, the birds of the air, the fish of the sea, the beasts of the field and forest, are perpetuated by the seed. So, is mankind. Man is, also, given an edict from God Almighty to “multiply and replenish the Earth.”

God has given the Earth to mankind to care for, reap from, and enjoy. Planting a seed and reaping the harvest, is God’s natural course of the perpetuation of life. To abort a child is to commit an infraction against Nature and Nature’s God.

Adoption is, certainly, a viable option.

Reverend A. D. Smoot

Director Pastors PAC

Letter to SA Mayor & Council considering promotion “abortion rights” resolution

– from Comments on #SASpeakUp

Cathryn Baird:

I oppose the resolution as drafted because it seeks to define abortion as healthcare. Additionally, I believe this resolution is likely to fail given that it violates state law. I believe that the best resolution is a nonpartisan approach that seeks to provide guidance to medical professionals under current state law. Both the Texas Heartbeat bill and HB 1280 provide exceptions in the case of medical emergencies; however the term “medical emergencies” is not defined in the statute. I believe the best resolution would seek to define what are medical emergencies in San Antonio, so physicians have guidance on when they are falling under an exception provided by state law. San Antonio has 34 hospitals, 11 of which have DSHS designated maternal facilities. For this reason, it is absolutely critical that guidance be provided to our medical professionals on what actions will not violate the law. I urge the City Council to vote against the proposed resolution and instead draft a bipartisan resolution that will provide real assistance to women who need emergency medical treatment.

Letter to SA Mayor & Council considering promotion “abortion rights” resolution

– from Comments on #SASpeakUp

Vote NO on the proposed Abortion Resolution in order to defend human life.

Abortions is NOT healthcare. Abortion harms women and kills babies.

There is no Constitutional “right” to abortion. Reproductive Healthcare simply means abortion promotion.

The healthiest thing a pregnant woman can do is give birth to the baby she is sharing space with now. If she’s unable to care for the child, Adoption is the healthier option.

There are numerous options for resources to help moms (and dads) in crisis pregnancies in San Antonio and Texas. The Baby Moses Law exists to enable women to give their babies up for adoption and care by the State until they’re 18 at any hospital or fire stations, no questions asked. And the State of Texas has recently allocated another $100 million to help provide authentic healthcare and resources to women, especially moms in crisis.

Abortion is an elective murder of a child and not necessary. It is however very profitable for the big abortion business industry that gives lots of money to elected officials to consider the promotion and expansion of elective & harmful abortions.

City Council has a duty and obligation to educate people on the actual scientific facts of what’s truly healthy, good and helpful to individuals and the community. The fact is that when a man and woman have sex they can and do get pregnant. In most cases that’s a choice and that act by choice or not can result in a fertilized egg called conception. That conception or pregnancy is with a human child. Fact is that if not killed, the child grows in the womb. The child has a heartbeat at 18 days. And in about 9 months the child will begin to try to migrate from his/her mom’s womb to breathe the free air just like each of us did who are at this Council meeting. These are the facts. They are indisputable. And the evidence is undeniable. Your presence here testifies to these facts.

Vote no to DefendLife and to cooperate with the good that is written in your heart.

You know this all to be factual and true.

Save your soul. Protect women.

Defend Children.

Promote domestic prosperity through the affirmation of the beauty of human life by voting no to this elective abortion promotion.

– letter by #PatrickVonDohlen to place in comments on #SAspeakUp