SPEAK UP to protect Texas children

We have an exciting opportunity! The 2018 Republican Party Platform calls for important changes in law to protect children. You can make a difference!

Did you know that Texas law allows minors to be exposed to obscenity?

If someone showed your children pornographic or obscene materials, you’d call the police; but children can be exposed to the most vile and offensive materials – even pornography and obscenity in public schools. That’s because the Texas Penal Code exempts exposure of obscenity to minors for educational purposes. This needs to be fixed!

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Help Keep Planned Parenthood (PP) out of public schools. A clear conflict of interest exists when abortion providers have access to students and teacher training to market their services and philosophy. PP undermines parental rights and authority by providing contraceptives and condoms to minors without parental knowledge – in effect, facilitating sex with minors. One of the five legislative priorities in the 2018 Texas Republican Platform is:

“Completely eliminate public funding for Planned Parenthood and their affiliates and prohibit their physical and digital presence in our schools.”

Other planks included in the Texas Republican Platform are as follows:

#120. School Health Advisory Councils calls for requiring the following:

  • All members of the mandated School Health Advisory Council (SHAC) to be appointed by district’s school board;
  • Every school district to post SHAC meeting minutes, full and fair disclosure of human sexuality instruction and proposed changes to health education;
  • Prohibit contraception distribution and demonstration; and,
  • Expand the grievance process to include Texas Education Code 28.004 on sex education.

#121. Sexual Education calls for Sexual Risk Avoidance programs (SRA), which focuses on prevention to eliminate consequences of risky behaviors, as opposed to Sexual Risk Reduction (SRR), which focuses on reducing consequences of risky behaviors. Texas law requires teaching abstinence until marriage, but many curricula are SRR and assume minors will be sexually active.

#140. Gender Identity affirms that there are only two genders: male and female. Austin ISD has changed male/ female reproductive systems to “Reproductive Systems 1 & 2,” “people with a penis” and “people with a vagina.”  

#141. Healthcare in Public Schools calls for prohibiting reproductive health care services in public schools, including counseling, referrals, and distribution of condoms and contraception.

#312. No Sexuality Indoctrination calls for prohibiting schools from forcing or pressuring students to profess specific views on sex, sexuality, gender, or gender identity without parental consent. Advancement of the LGBTQ agenda in schools is happening at breakneck speed.

How YOU can help NOW:
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Ask them to protect children by supporting legislation to keep Planned Parenthood and offensive sex ed out of public schools.

Example of Sex Ed Taught in Texas – The Big Decisions (BD) (For 8th-9th grades but taught as early as 6th grade) contains 15 harmful elements in comprehensive sex education, which normalizes child sex and may glamorize sex, use graphic materials, or encourage discussion of sexual attractions, experiences, fantasies or desires. BD encourages children to experiment with risky behaviors and tells them that they can make their own decisions without regard for parental input. An ice-breaker activity asks students to say slang names used for genitals. For more info, see https://www.comprehensivesexualityeducation.org/curriculum/big-decisions

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