Silver Ring Thing

The San Antonio Family Association is co-hosting a “Silver Ring Thing” event on February 19th.

This event is designed to reach middle school and high school teens, letting them know that there is a pure option in life that will bring them peace and joy. They will find a support group of other teens to help them resist the sexual pressures and temptations in today’s society by choosing abstinence.

The event includes a 2 hour stage performance incorporating high energy music, videos, skits, special effects, and comedy, presented by a team of peer-level students serving as role models and examples of the power and freedom in living out this calling. Their message is one of hope, boldness, and truth that’s jam-packed with powerful speaking and personal testimonies. The  program also proclaims the grace-filled message of the Gospel, going way beyond a call to abstinence to full life in Jesus Christ!

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