What was the prior NEISD middle school curriculum?

Choosing the Best Way – 6th grade

Choosing the Best Path  – 7th grade

Choosing the Best Life – 8th grade

Q: Is Choosing the Best research-based? Evidence-based?
Yes! A peer-reviewed study published in March 2012 found that Choosing the Best successfully delays sexual initiation. The research, which utilized a rigorous, randomized, controlled study design, evaluated the Choosing the Best high school curriculum among 1,200 9th grade students. The results showed that students who received Choosing the Best were 1.5 times more likely to delay the onset of sexual behavior than students in the control group who did not receive the program, at the end of the school year. These results were achieved in an actual school setting among a diverse student population, and are consistent with earlier studies on a Choosing the Best middle school program, which was found to reduce the initiation of teen sex by 47% versus the control.
Based on this peer-reviewed study, which provides strong evidence Choosing the Best works to delay teen sex, Choosing the Best meets the traditional criteria of “evidence-based” programs. However, Choosing the Best is not currently on the list of evidence-based programs established by the Office of Adolescence Health, as part of President Obama’s Teen Pregnancy Prevention Initiative. Choosing the Best does qualify for Title V federal funding.

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