Friday, September 29, 2023


Protecting, defending, and promoting the family, the Building Block of Society


Act of Love??

More like an act of selfishness to be able to use and abuse women for sexual gratification without consequences…

which becomes another profit center for the “nonprofit” abortion business, “Planned Parenthood” at taxpayer expense.

And like anything else unnatural, it is unhealthy and comes with possible side effects that could lead to serious consequences. Scientific medical research has found a potential link between vasectomies and dementia.

Will taxpayers have to foot the bill for these “castrated” men, who made themselves no more than steers, when they experience dementia or even Alzheimer’s?

In the meantime, sexually transmitted diseases are already at an all time high. Even naturally ordered sexual intercourse without consequences expands the frequency of illicit sex and thereby will increase STDs. Some STDs are incurable and can cause serious and permanent health problems.

Moreover, illicit sex leads to sexual addictions where people get used and abused and then discarded. Evidence shows that when individuals become addicted to something, alcohol and drug abuse, depression and suicides increase. This eliminates human dignity and reduces people to mere animals.

This will harm individuals and communities.

From a Christian faith perspective, fornication is a mortal sin as well as permanent contraception. Sin not only separates an individual from God, but also squelches grace from being received by the couple as they have cut off their relationship from divine assistance and intercession that is invaluable to remaining committed (in marriage).

The only reason a progressive government would want to increase illicit sexual activity is to make people more dependent on the government that then grows exponentially and controls people more.

There is a better, more fulfilling way. Rampant, profitable vasectomies are not it.

Love is selfless. Luv is selfish. True love leads one to freedom and fulfillment. Selfishness leads one to isolation, emptiness and someday tremendous guilt.

There is substantial proof that there is greater sexual pleasure amongst couples living in a chaste, natural marriage. They’re are healthier individually and collectively. It’s just the plain facts of life and love. Try it and you can find out and even experience it too.